London - Day 4

2:35 PM

Today started slowly, couldn't seem to wake up!  After breakfast & coffee at BB the French cafe, we were off for the tube to tour the Tower.

It was another amazingly beautiful & sunny day, and the audio tour was outstanding!

After spending several hours at the Tower, we took the tube to Picadilly Circle & set out for gifts for the family.  Loved the Greek store Carpo where a wonderful Hungarian man with a lovely British accent assisted us.  We bought several bags of treats, just not sure if they will make it home or into my belly!

Then we were off to Harrods.  

Whatever you have heard of Harrods, doesn't do it justice.  It is overwhelming.  There are so many designer rooms, we just wandered 3 floors touching, oohing & aahing, until finally my senses were overloaded & we selected what we needed from the Harrods Gift Store.  We didn't even see more than half of the store!

Finally, completely exhausted we left Harrods & went up a half block to a fantastic French Resturaunt, Le Metro, at the base of the Levine hotel.  The food was devine, the service was exquisite, and we relaxed after the horrors of shopping for picky teenagers!  

On a side note, everyone, without exception, has been incredibly helpful and polite.  I grew up thinking America was a melting pot of all races, but it really feels like London wins this award.  Everywhere we have gone there is a huge diversity of dress, language, and accents.  Today in Harrods we had a man from an Arab state in full cloak & headdress with an entourage walk by a family from the Netherlands and a group of German students.  

The standard British female dress seems to be tights (with lots of crazy patterns or odd colors), an extremely short skirt or shorts, sweater or jumper, scarf, and across the body bag.  Our jeans and khakis are so noticeably 'American', it's quite funny.

Nite - we are off to Brighton tomorrow.

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