Decopauge Night-Stand

3:43 PM


Following on a previous post about decoupaging with Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan, I decided to decopauge a drawer on a night stand.  I started by painting the nightstand Chalk Paint® French Linen, then top coat with Old Ochre.  

Immediately after painting the drawer Old Ochre, using the wet Chalk Paint® as my 'medium', I placed one ply of the white napkin directly on top of the paint.  Using a piece of wax paper, I pressed the napkin into the paint.  Then for timing, I dried the paint with a hair dryer, otherwise I could have just let it dry naturally in about an hour.

After a few minutes, the paint was dried and the napkin was fully adhered to the drawer front.  I then used a fine grit sanding block to trim the excess napkin from the sides.

Since I was going for a worn leather look, using my Annie Sloan paint brush, I started 'splotching' on some more paint on the drawer front.  I chose French Linen, Old Ochre, and Pure White.

Using a paper towel I dabbed at the wet paint, helping it blend into the background.

Using the blow dryer, I dried the drawer front.

At this point, the napkin is completely sealed to the drawer front.  I then applied 2 coats of Annie Sloan Clear Wax and one coat of Dark Wax.

It's a great finish, and really compliments the marble top of this vintage night sand.

Hope you're intrigued.


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