England - Day 5, Brighton

3:21 AM

We were up earlier today & caught a taxi to Victoria Station.  Earlier is probably stretching it as I think we actually got out of the room by 10AM.  It just feels like 2AM!  

Victoria Station is so very clean with tons of helpful people guiding you towards wherever you need to go.
The train was only slightly confusing as there was no where to put your luggage without either blocking the middle path or blocking the opposite chairs.
The train ride was about an hour throughout beautiful English countryside.
Did I mention how absolutely beautiful the weather has been in London?  It has been stunning!

We caught a taxi at the Brighton Train Station to our Boutique Hotel in Regency Square, right across from the beach.  When we arrived there was fog, felt similar to Santa Cruz.
The hotel we are staying in is just one slice of this square, Hotel Una.  We were a little early to check in so a lovely woman Janna, from the Czech Republic, steered us into town.  She said "Brighton is for Eating".  My kind of place!  Loaded with a map & 15 Resturaunt recommendations we walked into town.  

We decided to have a traditional English Tea at The Black Bird Tea Room.

It was amazing! Delicious!  Fantastic!  I can't say enough to communicate how deliciously tasty it all was.  I think I loved the scone with butter & jam the most.  Previously I would never have added butter & jam to a fruit scone, and yet now, I can't wait to have butter & raspberry jam with my raisin/current scone.
After enjoying the tea (which was dinner, how could we eat anymore?) we walked down the streets to shop.  I found the most wonderful pair of tall black leather boots at the Bootmakers Store. I was so excited because I have inheirited fat calves & the wonderful English lady in the store was so helpful and she suffers fat calves too!

After lots more walking we were off to the main hotel to kick-off the Annie Sloan Stockist meeting at a social gathering with music provided by Chad Valley.
That's it for now.


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