England - day 2

2:41 AM

Today we were off on the coach to Oxford and to see Annie's shop.  First breakfast at a fantastic French bakery right by our hotel.  Started the day with a mocha & a quiche, surrounded by divine dessert temptations.

And many of these meringue trees

We vowed to come back for dessert later but we are off to catch the coach at the Victoria station and Oxford.  It was a smooth coach (bus) ride, with only a few stops & great scenery.  The stop was just around the corner from Annie's shop.

I'll share about Annie's store next (to keep you reading of course).  We took a walk through Oxford.  I did not understand that Oxford is the university and there are about 9 other colleges in the same town. I had always thought they were all under the University umbrella - like Cal with Letters & Sciences, etc. A wonderful lady explained to us that if you apply to a College, it becomes like your family, with a place to live, courses, and food.  If you apply to the university, it is only for courses, you must find your room & board.  I'm sure this is a very simplistic version and there are lots of other differences (plus, any misunderstandings or errors are all mine).
Walking towards the university
View from the tower of St. Mary's, after climbing up verrrrry narrrrrrow stairs
First time I've ever seen real slate roof tiles - extraordinary
The Radcliffe Camera (camera in Latin means room)

I wish we had trapped a tour guide with us, I'm sure I'm missing out on so many stories, but I couldn't see where to get one, a tour guide.  So, I read everything I could see & I just relaxed into the moment!

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