London - Day 3

11:54 AM

We got a late start today, pretty tired still from everything going on and getting ready for this fantastic trip.  We started off with breakfast at our French Bakery, BB Cafe (fantastic coffees & pastries), then we were off to catch a tour on the Original Bus Tour.

A double decker bus driven by former drivers of the Indy 500!  We finally figured out we felt the best sitting up front on top, but not to look down at how close the driver kept coming to the cars, motorcycles, bicyclist, or pedestrians who got in the way.

Loved the art in all of the parks.  This piece in particular was outstanding 

The Tower Bridge was so colorful

It was actually a great way to see more of London, and we figured out where we are walking towards tomorrow, and the best routes.  But when we finally got off, I was ready for dinner & alcohol!

We ate dinner at Sherlock Holmes Pub, great pub food, ended with Sticky Toffee Pudding.

View of the London Eye at night on our walk back to the hotel.

And Big Ben of course

Nite all!

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