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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Flood, Day 6

Serve-Pro has finished cutting out the drywall, and tapped up our remaining inventory.

Walking along our walks feels like being in a plastic cocoon.

The question pending today is whether we move temporarily into another location, just so we can stay open, or if we move everything into storage while the real rebuilding happens.

This isn't an issue easy to resolve.  
Moving either way is a tremendous amount of work.  
Setting up a 'temporary' store is just like opening a new store....which we'll have to do in 4-6 weeks (yep!  4-6 weeks) when construction is done......

I don't want to lose any of our wonderful Auburn customers by closing, but honestly this past week has almost broken me.....

I'd love to hear from you guys about what you would do.....  Seriously, open a temporary store vs. focus on painting all new stuff for when the building is done?

What would you do?


Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Flood, Day 3

Today was our FLOOD SALE.
I put out the call and you guys came.
It was humbling and overwhelming to get such amazing support.

We sold more than 16 pieces of furniture and so much more.  

I think it was exactly what we needed to do so we could stack everything in the center of the store so the professionals can do what they need.

It was wonderful to see the excitement people had when they got their discount and their joy when they found a buried treasure they had remembered from a previous trip.

In some ways this was my hardest day as a shop owner.  We sold so many amazing pieces, Ethan Allen French style desk, Henredon end-tables, Henredon hutch, Kentucky hardwood table......all pieces of my heart.  

But they are really just nice pieces of furniture.

You guys, our customers, you're our real treasure.  

Thank you.

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Flood, Day 2

Today was better. 

We met our Indepedent Insurance Adjuster to determine what our insurance covers, what we need to do, and reasonable time-frames.  
He's awesome!
Lots of experience, lots of knowledge, and very calm....exactly what I need.

Then we came up with a plan; 
- we need to create space for all the construction work necessary, we could move it into storage (lots of lifting, moving, and not fun), there is the cost of storage.......or, we could have a FLOOD SALE!

So we're having a 1 day FLOOD SALE.
Saturday, April 18, 10-4.
All of our beautifully painted vintage furniture, carefully selected home accessories, and gift items, 
all of it is going to be 50% off.
Tomorrow only!

Excluding our unbelievably amazing Chalk Paint® and any paint related products.

So, I need you guys.  

And, I thank you in advance for all of your help & support.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Flood, Day 1

Arrived at Re-Find Living today, just after 9.  I was heading in a little early to finish up a couple of projects before going down the hill to Not Too Shabby for the Mix-It-Up workshop at 12.

There was a little bit of water seepage on the exterior concrete as I walked up.  Not good I remember thinking.  We're in a drought, the watering hose must be leaking, better get that fixed quick.

Get to the door and it sounds like a huge sprinkler is going off inside. Is it the fire sprinklers?   All the lights are off, no glowing so that means no fire.

I open the door and about 5-6" of water starts pouring out.  The spraying water is coming from the back of the store, the bathroom.  I can't see a thing, but water appears to be pouring out of the ceiling.

I can't chance turning on any lights, afraid of any electrical shorts in our older building.  

I call 911. 
The operator is amazingly nice, transfers me to the fire department.
They arrive within 5 minutes.
Meanwhile I've walked around most of our building looking for the water main.  I can't find it. 
It's in the sidewalk at the front, the fireman turn it off.

The little white plastic joint piece on the water hose has cracked in half.

The firemen were amazing!  They immediately start sweeping the water out of the building, one fireman went back to the station to get the long squeegees.  Other firemen start moving all the furniture out onto the porch.

I start working the phone - insurance, Landlord, Serv-Pro Recovery, David, Pam, Sam, Vicky, Bayleigh, electrician.... It's starting to feel overwhelming.  The phone starts ringing non-stop, people start arriving.  

The salon next door is also flooded.

Customers try to shop....

9 hours later, we have a bunch of fans & de-humidifiers set-up, most of our furniture has been moved outside and then stacked in the center of the store, most of the littles have been sorted & packed into Rubbermaid tubs, initial damages have been sorted, and we lock up for the evening.

I think our Stikwood is ruined.

Tomorrow we meet with our independent insurance adjuster & get an update from Service-Pro on the possibility of Asbestos in our Sheetrock.  

We could be closed 3-9 days.....

There's so many things to be grateful for.  It wasn't a fire! We have insurance!  No one was hurt.  It could have been so much worse!!!

I feel wrung out.  
So many questions.  
Mostly about money.

Our silver lining was how easy it was to wipe off all the furniture because of the Annie Sloan wax finish! 
Even the firemen noticed.  We had pieces that had water sitting on top, trapped under glass, for 6 hours & the water just wiped off.

Our painted concrete floor is covered in bubbles....our Chalk Paint® stuck great, the previous paint has bubbled off the concrete.  This paint is amazing!


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Home ├Źnspiration

I Had some dowtime today so I went through my stack of magazines.  
It's funny that with so much available on-line, I still LOVE looking through glossy-paper magazines!

I loved this house featured in Elle Magazine, Jan/Feb 2015.

I love the outside, it's simply beautiful!  The white siding, dark shutters, all the windows and doors.....but mostly it's the porch.

The house looks like it would be perfect along the coast, except it's really perched overlooking the Oresund, the strait between Denmark & Sweden.  

I also love the ceiling, and openness inside.  Perfect for relaxing or entertaining.  I think I'd choose darker wood floors, light walls (greys or whites), and add a couple of darker grey, graphite, or Aubusson blue accents.

Beautiful fireplace & view!  I just want to curl up with a cup of coffee.

I love the wide entry & double doors.

Just a lovely house.  Simple.  Open.  Inviting.



Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lovely Day

I just had the most lovely day.  

It was really just an hour......but it was a lovely moment in time.  

I stopped in my local Barnes & Noble to pick up the latest Where Women Create Business publication.

I had forgotten how much I like shopping in a bookstore.

The smells, the colors, the textures.

They all combine, making me feel like I have all the time in the world.

I hope you have a lovely day too.


Monday, February 2, 2015

Planning the Year

Back from the Vegas & LA Markets where I was lucky enough to spend a week shopping, planning, and learning.

I fell in love with these purple chesterfield style sofas.

And especially love the chandeliers.  

All crystal, beautifully constructed, and sized perfectly.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to order them....there's a $10,000 opening order (EEK!).

Still I'm really in love.

But I'm crazy creative & I work with the most amazing and creative people... So we're working on a few ideas that you'll see in the stores soon.

See you soon.