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Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas Tree Details

This was our woodland theme tree at Re-Find Living.

It's really only a 6 foot tree, we placed on top of a very sturdy coffee table.  
Making a bigger statement.

We started with burlap pointsettia picks, and then filled in with wonderful ornaments, including one of my favorites, this jeweled glass one.  I also love the accordion paper ornament shown, it's filled with glitter and weighs nothing so it can be tucked into most any space, hung from garland, or placed in a bowl.

These are great lightweight ornaments also, completely covered in glitter.  I love that they're an unusual color that makes them pop on our nature tree.  They'd also be wonderful on a coastal themed tree mixed with blues, greens, and silver.

These jeweled clip birds added nice bling at the ends of the branches, after the tree has been decorated.

These beautiful glass cones have some fake snow inside, complimenting the hand painted pine cones.
We also had this same design in a candy cane shape.

I know it's after Christmas, but during Christmas it's just way too crazy and finding time to blog is nearly impossible.

I hope you saw the tree in person during its prime.  


Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Vehicle Ornaments

Another group of ornaments I fell in love with this year were vehicles with trees.

I may also may have gone a little vehicle ornament crazy....

You decide...

And how could I resist the holiday fire truck?

Trucks with Christmas Trees!!!

A Volkswagen Bug - too cute!

Here's one of two trailers.

And, all of the above were made out of glass.  I ordered about 6 more vehicles made out of resin.

They were all so cute, and just so you don't think I was crazy, we've sold almost all of them. 
So I think I should tell everyone thank you!  
For liking them as much as I do.

Christmas Tree Details

Here's some of my favorite ornaments from our Gold Tree.

We got a nice selection of old fashioned style gold animals, on wheels!  Here's the sheep.

I always like to have some larger pieces, either tucked in the tree or hanging on the edge.  I love these plastic Merry Christmas banners.  We had them in red or white.  They were so pretty and reasonably priced, they sold out in the first week.

These gold wire ornaments have a lot of bling, little weight, and can be tucked into the tree for depth or hung on the tips for bling.  

These gold ice skates came in 2 sizes, and look great on your tree, in the center of a wreath, added to garland, tucked onto a tablescape.  They really have no weight, so they can easily be added to almost anything.  

These are one of my favorite ornaments.  They are glass, with lots of design, great color combination, with glitter, shine, and rich color.  They are actually accented with black, not a traditional Christmas color, but with the other gold & glitter, these ornaments could fit into almost any other Christmas color scheme.

Hope to see you soon.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Trees at Not Too Shabby

We set up 4 large trees at our Not Too Shabby location.  

This year I decided to try putting three trees at the front of the store.
An enchanted statement at the front.

And the pink & blue tree ended up back a little, by the register.

It's a lot easier to decorate the trees now that they're all the 9 feet skinny, center-pole light style trees.

That layout lasted a couple of weeks, but I just couldn't get used to the flow of the store with the three trees up front.

So, all of them got separated into their own spots.

The blue & silver (Ocean) tree ended up in the front corner

The gold tree was moved to the other front window, where it showed off our bed display beautifully.

It's funny to look back at these pictures & see how much they have changed.  

I'll post details next. 


Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Trees at Re-Find Living

Here's more pictures of our Christmas trees, this is a skinny 12-foot.  
We discovered the ceiling is 12-foot, at the back of the store, 
And only 11-3/4 feet at the front.
Wasn't so funny.
But it all turned out.

It's decorated with ornaments in traditional colors.

This is a 6 foot tree, we placed on a table.
It's filled with felt and soft ornaments.
Super cute Swedish reindeer,
Soft snowmen,
And fluffy birds.

This is a nice fat 9-foot tree we placed on a very solid coffee table.
It's a lovely tree, decorated with a woodland theme.  
We've filled it with jeweled owls, burlap flowers, glass pine cones, and so many other beautiful pieces.
It really turned out beautifully.

These are pictures of the trees about a week after they were first decorated.  
Now, a month later they are looking pretty empty.
Better head in quickly.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Fun

Finally wrapped up all the store To Do's on my list for this Holiday Season.
I'm taking a few minutes to share some of this year's great Holiday decorations.  

Let's start with great stocking choices!  
Some even have chalkboard tags.

At Re-Find Living we even have some chalkboard stocking holders.

We have lots of wonderful unique items to help you fill the stockings.  Or, if you're struggling with finding the 'perfect' item, then get a Gift Certificate & let them pick out their own perfect item!


Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Decorations

If you've been following me for any time at all, you know I love the fall.

The great colors.
The change in weather.
And if we're really lucky, rain!

I love the family & friend gatherings.
It's the beginning of the holiday season.

And of course decorating!

Seems like everyone is busy fixing up their home.
Getting ready for family visits.

Adding those finishing touches to their decor.

We've gotten some great items to help you finish up your table.

And great serving pieces.

Anything you need for yourself, or as a great hostess gift.