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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Random Thoughts

We finished putting up most of our Holiday Decorations in BOTH stores Friday night.  

We had our 2nd great Holiday Open House of the season, at Re-Find Living (the first was at Not Too Shabby last Friday night) last night.  There was a wonderful turnout of customers, special thanks to our fantastic DJ's Chris & Nate of On The Mic!  

I got to sleep till 9 the next morning.  It was so nice!  I started to feel like a normal human.  Had a great afternoon at NTS, fluffing trees & our Thanksgiving section.

Then I had all day Sunday off.   So I decided to sleep late, relax, go for a walk and spend time in the kitchen.  All things I've been missing over the last few months.  

When we walked at the park, it was a little chilly, perfect fall weather.  We surprised a flock of turkeys, and I caught this white one.  

I spent the afternoon making this Hearty Tuscan Soup.  I found the recipe on Pinterist and it was so easy!  Plus it used up all of my farm box vegetables.  Lot f leftovers to cover the week.  

Sam came home on Sunday night for a short visit.  We had the whole family together!  A great re-charging weekend.

Hope you had a great weekend too!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Silver & Gold - The Liberace Tree

This truly luxurious tree started with beautiful gold tinsel picks.

We actually moved our Chalk Paînt® decorative paint by Annie Sloan paint cabinet so the tree could be against our painted wall, waxed, and gilded wall. I think it really shows off the beautiful silver and gold of the tree.

We're still decorating the whole area, but I snapped this shot.

We only got 4 of these plaster gilded prints.

Here's the whole tree.

So very nice!


Monday, November 10, 2014

The Cotton Candy Dream Tree

This was actually the first tree we decorated.  It's filled with blue fuzzy deer, delicate glass cupcakes, glass pastel clip on candles, and so much more!

We also filled this section with pink glittery snowmen & party chicks.
(Sorry - Dresser already sold!)

And fun hot pink bottlebrush trees.

I think flower picks add so much to a tree.

It's so very pretty.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Scarlett Tree

This is our fattest tree, with lots of tips for hanging ornaments.

Pam (aka our Master Fluffier of Trees) spent almost 2 hours fluffing this tree.  Then I added about 10 strings of lights.

(Paper vintage-style decoration)

Then we turned Toby & Vicky loose with 6 Rubbermaid boxes of ornaments & garland.  

(Love these metal signs)

I think they worked 3 hours to create this beauty.

I told the girls it reminded me of a Southern Belłe's dress.  So we named it Scarlett.


Simply lovely.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Christmas Beginings

We finished setting up Christmas at Not Too Shabby.  

We started on Monday, moving all the furniture around to make room for the trees.  

We took all these boxes in our house.

To these boxes in front of the store.
And this,
And so much more...

Huge THANKS to our amazing team.  Vicky, Toby, April, Cara, Cassidy, Cathie, Trevor, Bayleigh, Jessica, and Michelle.   And special thanks to Pam & Kim.  You guys are all awesome!


Tomorrow, we start Re-Find Living!

Monday, November 3, 2014

More Thanksgiving Fun!

We've rolled out all of our Thanksgiving decorations at Not Too Shabby.  Here's some pictures to inspire?

I'm really loving blue this fall & brought out these silver trimmed candlesticks for the Thanksgiving Table.

Ps - the Kugel leaf ornaments are stunning!

We've got these cute appetizer Turkey plates, and ceramic wishbone ornaments, another unique place-setting idea.  

Here's more of our holiday themed serving pieces (blue tablecloth!).  

One last pic, these mini glass pumpkin ornaments are beautifully made with great fall color & glitter.  There can never be enough glitter!

What are you doing for your Thanksgiving table?


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Fun

We've startedutting out all of our unique Thanksgiving items at both stores.  I started with Re-Find Living, in Auburn.  I think that by adding one or two items a year, you're table looks unique.

I incorporated teal with the tablescape, and love love love how it looks with all the fall colors.

We started with our fall ladder, we incorporated rusty metal orbs.  The larger orbs will fold flat for storage, but I'd leave these out all year, just moving them around the house & yard.

Added some bling with metallic tea light holders.  

Here's the beautiful teal taper candle holders. 

I'm also loving the walnut birds, small teal feather wreaths, and the olive salt & pepper holders.

See you soon!