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Friday, July 11, 2014

New Store - Bathroom

With all the work going on to get the store ready, we didn't quite have time it finish the bathroom.  
And - Oh Boy!  It needed somrthing.

The floor was cement so painting was no issue.

The vanity was not great in any way.  Our challenge was that replacing it with a piece of furniture, meant the dresser/table could never be sold.  We went for the easiest, quickest, and simplest solution.

So, we cleaned everything, then we simply painted everything.

Yes!  Everything, but the sink & toilet.

Our colors were chosen from the Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan palet, of course!  

We settled on Aubusson Blue for the main wall & Emile for the other three.  The floor would be Graphite, and the counter Old Ochre.

Ready? It's pretty awesome.

And we used the Springtime In Paris stencil from Royal Designs for the wall.

 And the Royal Desings French Postmark stencil for the floor.

Yes, we even painted the Formica counter.

Finished with 2 Coates of the Annie Sloan Floor Lacquer & the bathroom is ready for accessories.

The whole project took;
1/4 qt of Aubusson Blue
1/2 qt Emile
1/3 qt Graphite
1/8 quart Old Ochre
1 Lacquer 

What are you going to paint today?


Monday, July 7, 2014

New Store - Creating the Counter

We were so lucky when we moved into the new store (Re-Find Living) to buy some 'fixture' pieces, including this great vintage piece.

We removed the glass on the front, added wheels (who doesn't love wheels?)

Then we placed the counter & David built a counter wall to create an 'L'

 David's third Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan project -painting the counter Provence with only dark wax.  The counter top was waxed with 3 coats of dark wax.

Finished!  Looks fantastic!  I'm so happy.


Friday, June 27, 2014

Aubusson Blue

I adore Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan and one of my favorites is Abusson Blue! 

I love the color itself & how wonderful it accents against almost every other color in the pallet

Here's a page from our Annie Sloan color mixing workbook.  We've mixed Aubusson Blue 50/50 with each of the other colors.

Annie Sloan's Aubusson Blue was inspired by her early experiences painting in London.  From Annie's Blog 'When I first started decorating in the late 1970s, I used to work in the some pretty wonderful places in London and in country houses.  I'd often heard reference to  'taking care of the Aubusson carpet' so I investigated and discovered these  fabulous beauties and the incredible blue. All these colours were natural probably indigo dyes so the colour varies with  intensity.'

Here's a petite antique cabinet painted Chalk Paint® Aubusson Blue.  It looks wonderful with the pop of orange.

This end-table was just painted in Aubusson Blue, pre-waxed.

And now waxed with 2 coats of dark wax.

This is a larger dresser that had already had the top stripped.  We then painted the body of the dresser in Chalk Paint® Aubusson Blue, and applied 3 coats of clear wax to the top.

This table top was painted Aubusson Blue, legs in French Linen

Hope you're inspired. 


Thursday, June 19, 2014


I love all the amazing Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan; I have been selling Chalk Paint® in my store, Not Too Shabby since July 2010, and I am completely addicted to how creative you can be with all of the colors, waxes, and techniques.  

I have been painting furniture for over 25 years, and I've tried lots of different kinds of paint, finishes, and styles.  I have had the store since 2005, and have continued to refine my painting style and technique with various products, trying to get that amazing patina found on vintage pieces that have aged naturally. Since I have started painting with the Chalk Paint®. I am smitten!  I really think these are the best paint and waxes in the world for painting furniture!

I started sharing about each of the colors last year with Antibes Green.  Today, I thought we could explore Arles.      

From Annie's blog, http://anniesloanpaintandcolour.blogspot.co.uk, she explained the proper pronounceation. 'This is how to say the French say it  http://www.forvo.com/word/arles/#fr Quite difficult for our English tongues!'

Chalk Paint® decorative paints by Annie Sloan are European influenced & named.  Arles comes from  a town in the South of France.

(Photo from Annie's Blog)

The color is a rich ochre yellow.  I love it on large or small pieces.

This was a great antique folk-made hutch, it was beautiful in Arles.

This end-table is from Annie Sloan Unfolded.

If you're still a little trepidatious about this beautiful color, stop into Not Too Shabby and check out the Arles blends from our Annie Sloan workbook, or any of the new pieces - just finished a very large double pedestal table with Chateau Grey Legs & an Arles top.  Here's a picture of the table before waxing.

How do you enjoy Arles?


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Personal Time This Week - Yoga

Yoga Tuesday morning - Beginner 1-1/4 hour.
I was only able to do about 1/3 of the poses.  Hot, sweaty, slightly sore.

Yoga Tuesday night - Vin Yoga, relaxing or Dessert Yoga is what some called it.
I was able to complete 2/3 of the poses.  Feel so much better, relaxed and stretched out.

Wednesday morning - woke up feeling a little tight, but happy I had done yoga yesterday.

Yoga Wednesday evening - Beginner 1-1/4 hour.
I could only complete 1/3 of the poses.  Feel pretty good.  Neck was tight but tonight's session loosened it up.

Thursday, Friday, & Saturday - no personal time.  Having fun at the stores.

Remind myself - it's baby steps!  

Relax & breathe.


Monday, June 16, 2014

New Orleans Chalk Paint® Conference

I've been back a month & my mind is still over-flowing with paint techniques, finishes, fabrics, photographing tips, social media ideas, and so much more.


Annie shared more of her art background, her love of vintage finishes, and her start as a store owner.  It just made me even more happy to be a part of her brand.  She really understands and supports small business.

The editors of Fresh Style Magazine made a surprise visit.  They shared that after meeting Annie, they decided to dedicate more of the first issue towards her style & announcing that going forward, Annie had agreed to be a Contributing Editor.  Yeah!!!

FYI - I think we only have two of the first magazines left & the next issue will be here any day now.

One evening the amazing Annie Sloan Unfolded team hosted a progressive dinner at the New Orleans Botanical Gardens.  Entertainment was provided by New Orleans Artists, including these acrobats.  It was fantastic!  Food, entertainment, and socializing - all were outstanding!

The surprise for me was my Aunt Carol driving down from Mississippi & my Aunt Betty, driving over from Houston to meet up with me and visit.  It was such a treat to see them both!  And to top it all off, Aunt Carol gave me Nanny's heart locket, with pictures of Nanny & Papa when they were so very young.  A treasure.

Finally, this is the tile wall behind the counter at the Loews New Orleans Hotel.  Don't you just love it! 

I really want to take this location-specific tile idea & do it at one of our stores.

The next conference is in Dinard France.  I need to do some juggling to go, but it would be amazing!

A huge THANK YOU to Lisa, Scott, Richelle, Teryle, Annie, Felix, and everyone who so selflessly pulled together a conference for more than 300 small business owners.  I walked away with so many ideas, technical knowledge, and re-charged creatively.

I don't know of any other company that supports their team of independent store owners this way.  Such a gift to be a part of such a supportive company.

Re-Find Living New Items

Hard to believe but we've already been open 3-months at the new store.  YEAH!

It's been fun stocking different items than what weve stocked at Not Too Shabby, and trying out new sources.

We're loving our Farmstead Flannels and laundry products.

Especially their Linen Spray!  Great to keep the scent alive on your Farmstead Flannel, or spray it on your sheets!

And my favorite item - our cheeky wine glasses.  A perfect glass for yourself, gift for your girlfriends, and a fun Bachelorette gift.  I love 'Do You Know Who I Am?'  Bahaha!
There are 20 other sayings to choose from.

We expanded our Dogs Rock line, featuring 10 different dogs on fun radio or pub plaques, in a variety of sizes.

Re-Stocked on vintage botanical prints & our paper placemats.  Great at parties, even better framed or decopauged.

Were also introducing a fun Italian check paper roll, just in time for picnic & camping season

This is only a little bit of our new stuff.  Head into Re-find Living to see everything new.