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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Perfect Birthday

I just had the best day.

Got to spend the whole day with my family.

We woke up early and loaded up the car.

We drove out to my most favorite place.

We didn't do anything special.  

Yet it was all special.

We talked, laughed, dreamed, and napped.

For one day we were completely unplugged, totally engaged with one another.

It was the perfect birthday gift.

Happy Day 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Not Too Shabby SIDEWALK Sale Weekend

Hello all!

I have come to the realization that the Flood at Re-Find Living forced me to clear out a LOT of stuff.  Not that I'm a hoarder or anything.  It's just that I buy the stuff I love....and sometimes I'm the only one who loves them....

(I love these floral pins!!!  Clip to your shoes, curtain tie-back, add to a pillow....Sale $6 & $9)

Moving out & back in, we really audited our treasures, twice.  Plus we completely changed the floor layout, moving the cash station & adding 5 mercantile shelving units.  I'm really happy with how great the space in Auburn looks.  Clean, well edited, yet full, and organized.

(Beautiful chandelier...Sale $100)

Now it's Not Too Shabbys turn!  I'm hoping to never have a flood again, but I'm ready for the forced clean-out.  I'm ready to clear out some of our older treasures, last pieces, and seasonal items.  

(Fantastic picnic & outdoor dishes....Sale $3-$20)

So, we're having a HUGE Sidewalk Sale this weekend only.  
That's tomorrow Saturday, June 27 & Sunday, June 28.  
I'm setting up 2 folding tables outside and I'll be filling them all day with treasures I've culled.  

(Super cute cloche, perfect to display a treasure.....Sale $20)

I'm taking huge markdowns! 
This is a ONE WEEKEND ONLY sale.  
AND all of our Annie Sloan fabrics will be 50%!!!!!

(Pretty pretty Annie Sloan fabrics....Sale 50% off!)

Just to sweeten the pot - for every $100 you spend, you'll earn a $20 off coupon good on any July purchases.  
Spend $100 this weekend, get $20 off a $100 purchase next month.
Spend $200 this weekend, get $40 off a $200 purchase next month.
Spend $380 this weekend, get $60 off.....or spend another $20 silly and get $80 off next month.
Make sense?

(Love this bronze metal chandelier......Sale $40)

Hope I see you this weekend!

Monday, June 15, 2015

New Treasures!


We just finished unpacking 9 pallets.....yup, n-I-n-e.
It was our biggest single order ever.  But we needed so much, particularly at our Auburn store.  
So we got all the girls and their significant others, and we got to work.

The trucking company delivered 4 pallets on Thursday.  
The hottest day so far this year!
We finished 3, and then the fourth on Friday.

The next delivery of 5 pallets came this morning and we busted it out in 1 day.

Now comes the fun part where I get to create the displays that tie everything together and make you want to take them home.

Need any new treasures?


Friday, June 12, 2015

Re-Find Living - Bathroom Vanity

We're still settling in, 95% done with the store, still working the back room and bathroom areas.  But I'd love to share our new bathroom vanity.

We started with a beautiful antique 3-drawer dresser.

Here it is in all its peeling veneer glory!  The top had 1/2 of its veneer peeled off already.  This is a perfect Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan project.

We started with painting the vanity Chalk Paint® in Coco.  This is a great warm velvety color.

Then we painted the body of the dresser in Florence. A great turquoise color that will brighten up the room.

Remember those drawers with peeling veneers?  
Rather than repairing them which would include glue, sanding, and putty, I decided to just let them be part of the history of the piece.  

 I then used a fun Royal Design Studio stencil with gilding wax.

Here it is almost done.  

It wasn't quite as deep as we needed for our LARGE sink, so a larger top piece was cut, placing the faucet behind the vanity.  A little unorthodox as the contractor said, but pretty clever.

I'll post more pictures in 2-weeks when the whole bathroom is done.  I have lots of clever ideas!

Hope you're inspired.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

We're back!


Finally back into our original spot with our beautiful porch, new floor, new walls,many new paint everywhere.

I decided to take advantage of the rebuild by making some fundamental changes to how the store was laid out & how we store/display items.  

Th construction team was still finishing up but we needed every moment we could get to reset the store and open.  We started Sunday with David dropping off with these great mercantile cabinets that He spent the last week building.

I picked Chalk Paint® Graphite as the base coat and then French Linen/Old White blend for the top coat.   

And then everyone pitched in and painted, and painted, and well painted.  

Did I mention I had David build 5?  

After they were painted & assembled we burnished all the shelves & clear waxed the outside.  I also mixed up a beautiful brown using Graphite and Barcelona Orange for the main display shelf.  

The Darla center shelf makes a great 'anchor' for the displays.

By the end the kids had nick-named them 'Monsters'. 

But wow, are they awesome'. Worked out exactly the way I wanted.

Holding lots of items, but not hiding anything...

I'm starting to be happy.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Special Piece

I hope you had a chance to see the beautiful Henredon table set.  
It was a solid pecan wood table with 2 large leaves, lots of detail and curves...
And 4 upholstered chairs.

I loved painting this set.  
I got to play with the finish, bringing out details and letting it shine.....

I loved painting it, and I loved the final results, and I wondered why I didn't keep it.....
I love it that much.

The movers picked it up to delivered it to the Bay Area.
I had a few tears as they carefully wrapped it up and carried it out.

The customer called and said it looks even better than she remembered.....
She had tears in her voice as she thanked us.

That's why it's not at my house.
It went to its forever home.


Details on how I painted the table, chairs, and upholstery are in a previous Blog post.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Flood, New Location

We spent Thursday moving everything to the new location and now we're starting to settle in, unpack (a little), and set up some things. 

(Now filled)

Starting with our Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan, complimentary tools and products, and then I'll set up the front table.

The next room is the 'paint workshop' get all ourChalk Paint® and supplies unpacked and organized for our first workshop (which is today!).

Then I'll work on the upper level.

It was a really nice moment to open our front door and already gave 2 customers find us!  After a quick trip to the Farmers Market, which is in our backyard, add a bottle of wine and I've got a great lunch planned.

Hope I see you soon.