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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Halloween at Re-find Living

Finished putting up all the Halloween items at our Auburn store.

This is the front table as soon as you walk in.

This is the large table filled up with all kinds of fun.

This is the front window, loved decorating the black trees!  (Looks better from the front)

Wall of pallet style signs.b took the swinging bench from outside & hung it inside.  
Skeleton needed to sit somewhere.....

This is under the swinging bench.

I think that's enough, come in to see more.


Monday, September 21, 2015

A little more of our Halloween Reveal at Not Too Shabby

Here's a few more pictures from our Reveal party last week.

This was the front table, set up for a colorful dinner party!  The pumpkins on the front table are so weightless they were the perfect choice to place on the chandelier.

We have a nice supply of these perfect chenille & velvet pumpkins.

I love these velvet pumpkin place card holders.

Stuffed a glass jar with Freaky Fabric & a doll head we doctored with Chalk Paint® Paris Gray & Chateau Gray.

And all of our yummy creepy treats fit beautifully on this 2-tier metal tray.

The girls froze green hands for our punch.....not real hands silly!

Thanks for hanging out!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Flag Dresser

Sometimes a piece of furniture is painted, waxed, and looks beautiful.....but doesn't find a home.  After trying various displays & changes, it's time to repaint or edit.  

We decided ( I decided) this was a great piece to paint a flag across.

Not just a flat flag either, one that looks like it's laying across the dresser.

Something that required more than just my talent....so Cara accepted the challenge. 

I think it turned out amazing!

All we need is knobs.....Painted wood that fit with-in the pattern?  (Cara will kill me). 
Painted Napoleonic Blue wood knobs with stars? 
Or, pretty Clear glass?  

What do you think?

Friday, September 4, 2015

Halloween Reveal 2015 at Not Too Shabby

Thirty-six Rubbermaid tubs, 9 people, 2 days later and we have our Halloween displays finished!  Thought I'd share some pictures before our party tonight.

We started with a new paint cabinet so I could fill the old cubby cabinet with Halloween.

Then we created the Hallween Feast table, and had the most fun decorating the chandelier.  

All our Halloween miniatures hanging off the copper tree.

We've got a nice selection of mini-clip-on with hats, spooky glasses, and headbands.

We had a lot of fun - thanks to everyone for all their hard work & support!

Ready to decorate?

Monday, August 31, 2015

Water Ring on Chalk Paint® Finished Pieces

One of the questions we get asked most often regarding Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan is - How does the paint hold up to condensation, water marks, spilled drinks? 

Yesterday I had an iced venti espresso that had a lot if condensation build-up, so I set it on our Emperors Silk & dark wax finished countertop. 

After 15 minutes, there was a significant amount of water.

I removed the cup and wiped off the water ring with a paper towel.  
I then set my timer for 15 minutes.

After 7 minutes, the ring had faded about 50%.

After a total of 15 minutes, the water ring was completely gone.
(I had to change my photo orientation because I kept casting a shadow over the spot��).

This was just a quick test.  We've had lots of customer & team accidents with drinks, ice cream, food, candy, and of course the 6-inches of flooding at Re-Find Living. There's no need to panic, gently clean up the wetness, allow it to completely dry.  Íf the ring persists, lightly sand & re-wax.  

This really is amazing paint!

August 31 - Warehouse

I know it feels like summer outside still, but we've been busy unpacking all the wonderful holiday items I ordered in January....such a long time ago.

By now everyone is thinking I ordered too much.....
But I think I ordered just enough!

We made it through all the boxes on Friday.
For those of you following from last year, that's 2-months earlier than last year!!!

The biggest chang this year is we leased some air conditioned warehouse/studio space.  
I don't think I could have taken all the boxes and glitter in my house again.

So, today I'm sorting Halloween so I can start decorating for fall & Halloween this week at Not Too Shabby & next week at Re-Find Living.

Enjoy your day

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Perfect Birthday

I just had the best day.

Got to spend the whole day with my family.

We woke up early and loaded up the car.

We drove out to my most favorite place.

We didn't do anything special.  

Yet it was all special.

We talked, laughed, dreamed, and napped.

For one day we were completely unplugged, totally engaged with one another.

It was the perfect birthday gift.

Happy Day