London - day 1, part 1

1:41 AM

Hello everyone!

We are in England for the European Chalk Paint® Conference.  I am so excited, can't wait to see the international Stockist that we met in New Orleans (March) again.  Plus meet a whole bunch more from all across Europe. 

Since I have never been to Europe before, we flew in a few days early to get in some sight seeing before heading to Brighton for the conference.

The flight over was very smooth - thank you United Airlines.  We caught the flight in San Francisco & headed straight to London.  We left the house at 7AM Thursday to fly out of San Francisco at 1PM, arriving in London at 7AM Friday.  I keep mentioning dates & times to keep myself straightened out.  It was a beautiful day & the weather in San Francisco was stunning!

We elected to check our bags at the hotel & then walk around all day to keep awake, going to bed Friday evening around 7, getting acclimated to the time change quicker.  Great plan, except we were exhausted & around 3, it seemed as though time stopped!  

We we're picked up at the airport by a wonderful car service, driven straight to the hotel, an hour away.  I promptly fell asleep!  Missed all of his great touristy info.  Then when we got to the hotel, I left my phone in the car!!!

So, after breakfast at Starbucks, same craziness as at home, we spent the next 10 hours trying to stay awake!
One final note -funny descriptions;
Choices for milk at Starbucks was skim or slightly skimmed milk, neither of which was 1/2&1/2
Baggage claim was Baggage Reclaim - much more to the point
Diaper change - Nappy Changer Unit

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