London day 1 - Part 2

2:08 AM

Continuing on our wonderfully long first day.  By the time we had left our bags at the hotel (we were way to early to check in) had a Starbucks (with caffeine), grabbed our coats (beautifully sunny but a bit breezy), we were ready to see London.  Our hotel is located by the beautiful Westminster Bridge and the London Eye.

From the Westminster bridge we can see Parliment, Big Ben, and Westminster Abby.  All of whom were stunningly beautiful, very gothic and inspiring.

Then we crossed through St. James Park, and walked by Buckingham Palace.  Lots & lots of people!  Then we were off to more parks, loving all of the buildings, and the flowers everywhere.

I had read about an Antique & Art show in Berkeley Park, it sounded out of my price range but what better way to see examples of English antiques?  
At the ticket counter we met a lovely lady originally from Rocklin.  She was in London helping her daughter whom was running the Lapada show.  She was so nice and gave us tickets to the show.  It was full of beautifully maintained antiques, really incredible pieces, I was only itching to paint a few (haha).

Then we went to eat lunch (what would you call your 5th meal in 36 hours?). We tucked into a cute Resturaunt - Petrocchi.  Enjoyed a delicious butternut soup & bruschetta assortment, and saw Bill Nighy!  
Loved him in Love Actually & Pirates.  He looked very chic in a gorgeous suit & coat.  We told him we loved his work as he walked by & he stopped, smiled, and said Thank You.  What a fun moment.

From lunch we went to the changing of the guard at the Queens Horse Guard Parade grounds.  Another beautiful collection of buildings and history.  

We had timed it perfectly for the changing.
After touring the museum & feeling like we were sleeping standing up, it was finally late enough to check in and go to bed!

It was a lovely 1st day.

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