England -day 2, part 2

4:29 AM

Visiting Annie Sloan's Store

We took the coach from London to Oxford, and Annie's store was just around the corner from our stop!  I was so excited!!!

First off the store is very nice, with almost everything painted with her fantastic Chalk Paint®.  Yes, the walls, the furniture, some upholstery.

Annie also had loads more fabric than we stock.... Something to think about maybe?
But my favorite item was the small table which had her sample jars

I love the thick (impasto) application of all the Chalk Paint® colors.  I'm definitely going to use this as inspiration for a piece I have at home.

I met two lovely ladies who work at Annie shop, Catherine & Amy (sp?).   David, Annie's husband, stopped by so I was able to say Hello (met in New Orleans).   I dropped off a gift for Annie, two books by Robert Munch, for her granddaughter.  If you haven't read his books to your children, you are in for a treat!

(Google Images)

Sometimes when you have looked forward to something so much, when you finally get there, it can be disappointing.  That was not the case here.  I was so excited to see Annie's store, and when we finally made it, it was inspiring.  I have several ideas to try out, and it was just like Annie, normal.

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