Long Dresser Inspiration

1:41 PM

I love vintage furniture, I love the versatility, the solidness, the great lines, but mostly I love painting vintage furniture and giving it a new life!  Here's a great example of multiple uses for your vintage longer dressers. 

Something like this is great for both a pedestal based or wall mounted TV/entertainment center:

Or, as a double sink vanity in a master bathroom:

I apologize for not giving credit to the original sources, I've held onto these pictures for so long I've forgotten.  So, let me make it clear, these are not my pics, these are 2 different pictures from people who worked very hard to create these looks.

Moving on, this is a great project with 2 dressers turned into a kitchen island (re-nest.com) and depending on your kitchen size you could do the same with a longer dresser:

I adore this project with a long dresser placed in the hallway (sundayinbed.tumbir.com):
Bringing the project back to Not Too Shabby, we have 2 great long dressers.  By removing the 2 center drawers, and sliders, you have a spot for your cable box and DVD player making a fantastic entertainment center:

The other dresser would be a wonderful sideboard, behind the sofa table, or entryway organizer:
So next time you're confronted with a lot of dressers (imgfav.com),
whip out your Annie Sloan Chalk Paints and get excited.  This is a great chance to inexpensively furnish your home in a truly unique way!

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