Vacation - Things I Learned

11:03 AM

1. I packed too much.  Even though I have the smallest suitcase - 19", I still brought 4 extra shirts & 3 extra pairs of shorts.  Next trip I'm only bringing bathing suits, cover-ups, 2 shorts/shirts outfits, and one maxi dress.

2.  Hawaii time difference is perfect!  Waking up at 7 am, no problem.  We get home & I can't open my eyes till after 10.  

3. Apparently I can drink a Mai Tai before noon, if it is served on the Lanai.

4. The Road To Hana is amazing!  But the kids only need to do it once in a lifetime.

5. The ocean in Hawaii is much saltier than off the coast of California.  Pleasantly so.

6.  It is really nice to get clean beach towels every day.

7.  I had a mini-panic attack every time I put my head in the water for snorkeling.  Every Time!

8.  I really like snorkeling.

9.  The color of the ocean is crisper & more blue than I could ever have imagined in Hawaii.

10.  Best bag ever!

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  1. I love snorkeling too - but like you I have panic/anxiety attacks when I first start....takes at least 3 - 4 false starts until I can do it!!!!