Vacation - 6th Night

1:38 AM

Today was a day of errands, running to Costco, Safeway, Mr. Frogs, Long's Drugs, finally back at the amazing resort to unpack everything.  We finally got to relax around 4:30, swam in the pool, played pool volleyball, and then BBQ'd by the pool.  

As I am sitting on the patio in the dark, listening to the surf, one moment sticks out - as we were driving back with the car all loaded we passed a roadside cafe called Leoda's Kitchen & Pie Shop.  
Okay really you had me at Pie.

We quickly pulled off the road onto the dirt parking lot and went inside to check out the Pies.

The cafe is super cute, kind of industrial white tile, black & white print, family style seating.  It was busy but the line moved fast.

The front counter had a refrigerator case filled with beautiful home-made looking 6-inch pies.  Not being able to choose I started chatting up the local surf guy behind us, which pie is your favorite?

'All of them'
Oh,..... What are you getting today?
'Club sandwich'
Oh, yeah, we hadn't eaten since 7 am, we're hungry.

Now it was our turn at the counter and so I blurt out, we want a banana cream pie, a berry pie, a coconut cream pie, an apple crumb pie to go & and club sandwich for here.

Wow, didn't know that was coming out of my mouth!

After some prompting we settled on the multigrain bread and added baked macaroni & cheese.

IT WAS THE BEST CLUB SANDWICH EVER!  EVER!  I mean in my entire life! The BEST!

Pam, Sam, and I were sharing and we just kept looking at each other and moaning about how good it was.  It's a normal size sandwich.  Doesn't look amazing.  I don't know what did it; the bread was unbelievably soft and delicious, the turkey meat was fresh-super thin & sweet, the veggies were crisp, the bacon thick & crisp.   Did I tell you it yet that it was the best club sandwich I've ever had in my entire life?  It was!

And that wasn't the best part.  

After we had finished eating and Pam was in the restroom, the cafe radio started playing Carly Simon You're So Vain.  I started quietly singing along, Sam starts singing, and then the 2 ladies seated next to us start singing, and then the other 2 ladies on the other side start.  It was a perfect moment.  All of us  women singing to one of my favorite songs.

Bonded over a great song.

The song ends & Pam walks up.  Sam & I get up to leave.  We catch the other ladies eyes and we're all smiling.


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