Vacation - 7th night

12:19 AM

No pictures.

I wish you could just Close your eyes and listen to the surf with me.




Yes, that was my day.  

Owning your own business, retail or not, you almost never ever turn it off.  

I love Not Too Shabby!

I love owning my own store, rescuing furniture, helping people see the beauty in a 'salvaged' piece.

I am the kind of person who is always thinking about the store, the customers, planning the next 'wow' window, picking the color for my next piece, planning the next event, looking for the next 'Ah, this will be perfect in our house' moment.  

I analyze the sets on movies for color & style ideas.

I get ideas from the books I read, magazines I devour, houses I visit.

I have always been this way at any job I've had.

It's just ME.

I love it!

But right now.

Right here.

I'm feeling calm.



I realized for the first time in ...... Forever, I wasn't planning.

I'm just breathing.

Listening to the surf.

Going to bed



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