Vacation - 2nd Night

10:48 PM

Our second day started with brown bagging the complimentary breakfast by the hotel and eating on the beach, in the rain.  The Hawaii donuts were pretty good, especially the purple ones.

Then we packed up, walked across the street, and parked our butts on the beach!  Signed up all the kids for surf lessons.
I know it's grainy but I was taking them with my cell, then had to edit on the iPad to even see if it was one of ours 😃.  Kind of looks like a hoot from the 50's.

All the kids stood up, and fell own, and tried again, a pretty successful outing.  We stood on a breaker wall to get pictures of them, then hunted for sea glass on the way back to our spot on the beach.  All of the kids got scraped up from the coral, nothing too bad, just big red scratches and bruises on all knees & elbows.

Meanwhile, we attempted to body board, and got really beat up by the coral, I took a gouge out of my big toe, it started bleeding all over.  I did not wimp out, I stayed in the water for a while, until I realized how much it was bleeding & thought.....sharks...Sharks....SHARKS live in these waters!  (Insert music theme from Jaws!)

So, I got out for a little while to stop the blood flow.

The water was so wonderful and refreshing, much saltier than in Bodega Bay.  And definitely warmer! 

We wore out all the kids, or rather the sun & fun did.  I tried to get all of them to shower & relax, instead they were playing with an app on my iPad. Aren't they so cute!

Sean got a little sick from all the sun & activity so he's sleeping in our room, and we had a lovely spaghetti dinner on our patio.  What a view!

Nite all!

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  1. Yay! Glad you are enjoying your vaca and taking time to post bits and pieces! Breathe...aaahhh...-aimee