Vacation - 4th night

7:59 AM

It was our last day in Waikiki and we booked snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. Which is now a preserved site protecting everything, fish, coral, sand, shells.  Everything.  We got the kids up at 6, breakfast at 6:30, shuttle at 7, bay at 8.

(Photo from their official site)

It was stunning!  Ashley & I were a little nervous about snorkeling (my first time).  Ashley was amazing!  All the kids did so well!  I had to really talk to myself about calm breathing, but I snorkeled the whole time, and I can't wait to again in Kaanapali.

Lessons learned;
1 bring a waterproof camera for everyone, it's easy to use up all available shots & leave none for your camera buddy
2 bring umbrella, there is no shade except close to the cliffs
3 bring the bamboo mats, great under towels
4 buy up & down tickets for the trolley.  Snorkeling wears you out & the hike up the hill is steep.  It was so nice to ride up.

I don't have any pictures to share because they're all on our undeveloped underwater camera but we saw so many beautiful fish, Cass saw an eel, it was amazing even without turtles. 

This part of our vacation, our home base was the Waikiki Aston.  A great normal hotel with a phenomenal location, practically on the beach!  The rooms were clean and nice, lounge chair on the patio (where i blogged every day), and the service was excellent.

We made a point of enjoying our generous complimentary breakfast on the beach, we rented chairs & an umbrella (heat stress family) from the vendor across the street (super nice!), we walked or shuttled everywhere, didn't need our rental car once.

There are more expensive places to stay, but if we came again I wouldn't hesitate to stay right here!

View from my balcony office.


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