Vacation - 5th night

1:12 AM

This morning bright & early we were off to Maui.  We rode a 'baby' plane as the kids referred to it, and arrived by 9:30.

Pick up car, off to Costco, quick snack at McDonald's (must keep children fed), then Walmart, and finally arrive at the new hotel on the Kaanapali shore.  By now it was close to 4, and we were all travel weary.

That quickly changed.  The new hotel, a VRBO, is actually a resort & the teenagers are very excited!  

View of the main pool area, picture by Sam.

The rooms are amazing, and more importantly, the beds are heavenly!  After checking in, unpacking, and eating dinner, we all gathered on the shore to watch the sunset.  

I could feel myself let out another tightly held breathe & start to relax a little more.  


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