Vacation -3rd night

1:31 AM

Well the travel sickness took Sean and Pam out for most of today. So the healthy ones left walked across the beach & just relaxed, slept under the umbrella, read a book, swam, and just enjoyed the perfect weather.

Note - one of the things I hate about getting older is the inconsistency.  I read on the beach no problem, tried to read in the room and I needed reading glasses!!!  Same book, same arms holding the book, Argh!

At 3:30 we caught a shuttle to the Chief's Laua.  It was a beautiful drive, to the other side of the island, spectacular views including Sandy Beach, Blow Hole, and it was so clear we could see other islands on the horizon.

The drive ended at the Sea Life Park, which only has indigenous Hawaii sea life.  It was also featured on Fifty First Dates (I love that movie).  Here's a cute giant turtle that was swimming around while the others rested.  

We were seated family style with some people from Australia, they were so fun, even the teenagers had a good time.

The Luau lasted into the night with a spectacular fire dance at the end.

The night sky was amazing, we could see the constellation of Scorpius perfectly, including the tail & stinger.  It was a great night.

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