England - Day 7, Brighton

3:15 AM

The second day of the conference has kicked off & we are starting with study of color.  

I love listening to Annie talk about color.  This time we had the added benefit of getting the European Stockist color opinion.  

I'm sure you have all heard me talk about the 'virgin' paint colors (Pure White, Old White, Paris Grey, Duck Egg), these are the colors which people love without any hesitation.  

A color like Barcelona Orange, a beautiful deep orange, may require a little bravery.  

(Thank you to Randy Stambaugh, one of our American Stockists for this lovely picture)

We all shared stories like Annie's of painting 3 chairs, one a beautiful bold blue, another a beautiful bright green, and the third a white.  A customer walks in and says 'Oh My! I love that blue chair it's just gorgeous! I'll take the white one'.  

Because so many of us have no color confidence, or as my European counterparts say, no color bravery.  Annie shared some ideas & that led to some discussions and more ideas.  I'm so excited to get started, hope you all are ready for it!

Thank you Chic & Antique for the great photo.

I found out from our National Coach Driver, that this location was near where we were!  He said he is only a phone call away!  And he could have taken me there for dinner!  Bahaha!

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