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We made it home safely after our first European adventure.  The trip was totally amazing & wonderful, can't wait to go back again and share more ideas.

Here's some last thoughts and pics that we took in England.  Just a hodge-podge of last thoughts.

Many of the buildings in Brighton and London had these really unique 'bulls-eye' pieces of glass.  Here's a closer look

Of course I was totally curious and had to know how this happened.  We asked Ben and he said those are the oldest panes of glass.  Originally window glass was made by glass blowers and they would blow the glass into the pane then flatten the glass so it fitted into the pane.   Pretty amazing.

This is a picture from the Brighton Beach, lined with catamarans, surf shops, and cafés with coffe, tea, or fish & chips.  This was our last day in Brighton and it started out very blustery and cloudy, turning into a beautiful sunny day.
This was the menu outside the white tower.  I loved how there was sparkling water everywhere.  Anytime there was water, they also offered bottles of sparkling so I ended up not drinking any soda until our flight home, because the airline ran out of sparkling water.

Art, there was art everywhere!  Every park had statues, in addition to permanent & temporary installations.  Our hotel was tastefully decorated with so many pieces, I couldn't even count.  It was very stimulating and inspiring to see mixes of pieces everywhere.

Loved touring the Tower.  Viewing the Armor display just re-inforced how long London has been around, it is pretty amazing.

Final note - no picture.  The bathrooms in England were fantastic.  They all had round seats, instead of oval.  There was no little or no water in the pot.  Seemed very environmentally efficient.  They were always clean, nice opening doors, with locks, and always 2-ply toilet paper.  It seems like a small thing, but it really made the trip nice.

Now back to painting, creating, and decorating!

Thanks for coming along the trip with us.

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