England - Day 6, Brighton

6:58 AM

First day of the Annie Sloan Stockist Conference.

The day kicked off with breakfast at the Hotel Una, forced myself up at 8 so I could make check-in at 9:30.  It rained over night, and cleared up by the morning so we have a beautiful day at the beach.

After a fun socializing activity, Annie shared that Annie's latest book - Color Recipes was published in Dutch & German.  That lead to a great lecture on style, color, and mood.
We broke for lunch & a group photograph at the front of the Grand Hotel.  Gathering all the Stockists together was like 'putting frogs in a box'. 

I had a fun visit with a Stockist from England, Jane Osgood.  We were comparing furniture wish lists & our homes, decor styles, etc, and Jane pops up 'my home is older than America!'  Bahaha!

Shared a ton of information with the Hong Kong Distributor, Philippa - out of Bowerbird Home.  She has a fantastic business & is getting ready to add the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Line.  Maybe there will be an Asian paint conference in my future?

We had a short break then re-convened for a wonderful hour of mingling & then dinner.  Our table had 2 Stockists from Spain, 2 Stockists from Scotland, a Stockist from England, and the Distributor from Hong Kong....it was fantastic sharing techniques, styles, color preferences, design & display ideas.  What a treat!

Our first international trip & we are already spoiled wanting to go to Scotland, Switzerland, Spain, Hong Kong, and spend more time in England. 

Maybe I can be a traveling Workshop Instructor in trade for lodging & food?

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