England - Day 8, Brighton

1:38 AM

The conference is over and most of the international Stockist have gone home.  We have one last day in Brighton so we decide to walk all over town.

The day started out pretty blustery, only our second moment of typical English weather.  We walked down from the hotel, just a block, to the Brighton Beach to see the very active surf!
As you can hopefully see, the beach is not sandy but very rocky.

Then we were down the pier for some fresh made donuts

After some more walking, we went to The Mock Turtle, a very traditional tea house for a proper English Cream Tea

Don't judge, remember - Brighton is for eating.

We then rolled our bodies out and walked around town for a couple more hours.  We ended up walking up and back St James in Kemptown, then passed the Royal Pavilions to Garden Street, up to North Road.  Over to Queens Road, then back down to the Clock Tower where we picked up Western Road, passed the mall.  Then down Preston Road and back to the hotel.  Whew!  After all that, I think we may have only worked off a pat of butter.

There was fantastic shops up and down Garden Street, where I may have picked up a few items for the kids.

Some of the cards I picked up from stores, Stockists, resturaunts, and our fantastic hotel.

We had a wonderful hour visiting with Ben, from New Zealand, samplng a Czech beer, New Zealand Organic Cider, and hearing about all the nearby wonderful places we missed!  

We ended the night with a delicious dinner at Casalingo!  The food was sublime!  Some of the best Italian food I have ever enjoyed.

House made butternut squash ravioli in a sage butter aide, gnocchi with pancetta and spinach in a cream sauce, oh so very wonderful and delicate.  We'll have to walk all the way to America to walk off this day.


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