New Store - Painting The Floor

9:13 AM

We started with dirty white floor.  

Knowing that Chalk Paint® decorative paints by Annie Sloan will stick to almost anything, we mopped several times (I didn't want the paint sticking to the dirt & not the floor).  

Then we masked off the white baseboards.

I really wanted to create a calm floor, with shades of blue.  

Like a calm tropical sea.

So, I started with islands of colors....,

Not quite the look I was aiming for.... It looked more like Easter Eggs! 

The beauty of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is I can just apply a wash of color over the 'Eggs' and still get my mix of colors.

Yes!  That was made it all work.

Topped it off with 2-Coates of Annie Sloan Floor Lacquer & it's perfect.

In the end for 1400 square feet, I used;
2 quarts each of Antibes Green, Napoleonic Blue, Paris Grey, Old White Chalk Paint® Decorative Paints by Annie Sloan, four quarts of Provence Chalk Paint®, and 4 liters of Annie Sloan Floor Lacquer.  

I think I could have cut the paint in half if I had known exactly what I wanted instead of playing around with my 'Island' idea.  😀

I'm happy!

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