Aubusson Blue

6:50 PM

I adore Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan and one of my favorites is Abusson Blue! 

I love the color itself & how wonderful it accents against almost every other color in the pallet

Here's a page from our Annie Sloan color mixing workbook.  We've mixed Aubusson Blue 50/50 with each of the other colors.

Annie Sloan's Aubusson Blue was inspired by her early experiences painting in London.  From Annie's Blog 'When I first started decorating in the late 1970s, I used to work in the some pretty wonderful places in London and in country houses.  I'd often heard reference to  'taking care of the Aubusson carpet' so I investigated and discovered these  fabulous beauties and the incredible blue. All these colours were natural probably indigo dyes so the colour varies with  intensity.'

Here's a petite antique cabinet painted Chalk Paint® Aubusson Blue.  It looks wonderful with the pop of orange.

This end-table was just painted in Aubusson Blue, pre-waxed.

And now waxed with 2 coats of dark wax.

This is a larger dresser that had already had the top stripped.  We then painted the body of the dresser in Chalk Paint® Aubusson Blue, and applied 3 coats of clear wax to the top.

This table top was painted Aubusson Blue, legs in French Linen

Hope you're inspired. 


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