New Orleans Chalk Paint® Conference

6:19 PM

I've been back a month & my mind is still over-flowing with paint techniques, finishes, fabrics, photographing tips, social media ideas, and so much more.


Annie shared more of her art background, her love of vintage finishes, and her start as a store owner.  It just made me even more happy to be a part of her brand.  She really understands and supports small business.

The editors of Fresh Style Magazine made a surprise visit.  They shared that after meeting Annie, they decided to dedicate more of the first issue towards her style & announcing that going forward, Annie had agreed to be a Contributing Editor.  Yeah!!!

FYI - I think we only have two of the first magazines left & the next issue will be here any day now.

One evening the amazing Annie Sloan Unfolded team hosted a progressive dinner at the New Orleans Botanical Gardens.  Entertainment was provided by New Orleans Artists, including these acrobats.  It was fantastic!  Food, entertainment, and socializing - all were outstanding!

The surprise for me was my Aunt Carol driving down from Mississippi & my Aunt Betty, driving over from Houston to meet up with me and visit.  It was such a treat to see them both!  And to top it all off, Aunt Carol gave me Nanny's heart locket, with pictures of Nanny & Papa when they were so very young.  A treasure.

Finally, this is the tile wall behind the counter at the Loews New Orleans Hotel.  Don't you just love it! 

I really want to take this location-specific tile idea & do it at one of our stores.

The next conference is in Dinard France.  I need to do some juggling to go, but it would be amazing!

A huge THANK YOU to Lisa, Scott, Richelle, Teryle, Annie, Felix, and everyone who so selflessly pulled together a conference for more than 300 small business owners.  I walked away with so many ideas, technical knowledge, and re-charged creatively.

I don't know of any other company that supports their team of independent store owners this way.  Such a gift to be a part of such a supportive company.

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