NY City - Day 2

10:11 AM

We woke up a little later today and made my way out to the street with the goal of going to the  GreenFlea event.  But we got waylaid with a huge farmer's market happening right outside the hotel.  It was 10 blocks long, both sides of the street so what could we do but enjoy this first!

We enjoyed some fried chicken, peach cobbler, sliced up watermelon, fresh lemonade, and then went on to shop and got some cute t-shirts for the girls.

Then we hopped on the subway up towards Central Park & walked all over the GreenFlea event.  It was really hot so I had a frozen mango (dipped in dk. chocolate of course), and lots of water.  Scored a couple of manganese glass pieces for our collection.  There were 2 people selling painted furniture, not shabbied, but the prices were so much more than I could have imagined.  There was a beautiful vanity with 3 full size mirrors & 2 sconces for $1400, a nice curly full size white iron bed frame for $1200, and a great white hat collection - $65 each.  A little more than my pocket book can support so I moved on to the map booth.
This booth had a nice collection of framed maps, wall maps, and globes, very similar to what we have at the store right now.  The prices at this booth were also higher than i expected, with globes selling for $100+ and wall maps at $300.   Although I didn't buy anything from these 3 booths, it was fun to see what was popular in NY was the same as at our store!

Then we walked over to Central Park and just enjoyed the day - sunny with a little breeze!  It was a busy day at the park with lots of bikers, joggers, and rowers. 

This picture was taken just before they all crashed into each other!

It was a perfect Sunday in the park!

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