Ny City - Day 5

3:18 PM

Today is my day to shop!!! I have it all planned out.  I'm going to shop for the girls.  Sam's 18th birthday is coming up (in 11 days!) and Cass starts school in 3 weeks so after getting coffee at Cosi's, I head out to shop. 

I'm looking for some deals, but I'm in Manhattan so after going into 4 boutiques I start to get discouraged because the prices are so much more than I expected.  I found this great dress for Sam - $498, a to die for skirt for Cass - $298.  I'm in the wrong part of town.

Then I go down another block and I'm thinking I'll try one more store before I give up and just go to Grand Central Farmer's Market for some chocolate pudding, when I head into 9 West shoes, and there is a SALE!  I quickly whip out my phone to get the girls' opinion on the shoes and I walk out with 3 pairs of 9 West shoes for $110!!!  Whoo Hoo!!!

I meet up with Pam & Ryan for lunch and then I head down around the block from 9 West and I find a great clothing store having a huge sale also!  I pick up 2 dresses & super cool leggins $110.

The picture of the dress doesn't show how really romantic it is with a full skirt & halter top.
Okay, now I'm tired and I've spent my budget so off to Cosi's to share with you, and maybe I'll head to the 1/2 price ticket booth for a show tonight!

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