NY City - Day 3

10:49 AM

Today, I'm on my own all day so I decided to just walk around and enjoy the feeling of being in NY City.  I went to Grand Central Station, and shopped the market (yummy fruits and meats).

Then off down Broadway, back around 45th, and all over Madison.  I did take this great shot of a portion of the Berlin Wall.

Then met some friends and had dinner at Modern at the MOMA.  The restaurant is beautifully modern (of course) and very busy in the bar area as they were hosting Restaurant Week.  We were eating in the dining room, elegantly quiet.  I wish I could describe the food better, but I really have no idea what I ate except for the 2nd course being risotto with fava beans & crab.  I did sneak pictures with my cell phone:
The risotto was amazing, nutty and creamy. 

The best part was the dessert which was a spoonful of pistachio sorbet, rhubarb sorbet, some thin cracker style pieces of rhubarb divinity, all artfully arranged.  After we had all eaten the dessert they came around with a chocolate dessert cart!  So we selected only a couple of pieces (full!) but the lady then selected about 5 more pieces for us (LOL).  I decided to get it to go, and they swished it away giving me a claim ticket.  After we enjoyed more conversation and wonderful coffee, I went to the front desk to claim the dessert package and it was all boxed up in a beautiful tiny bag, and they added more caramel and nougat bars!  I'll bring some home to the girls, if they make it...

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