NY City - Day 4

2:58 PM

Tuesday in New York City! 

I decided I needed to get to work on my blog, pictures, website, FB, etc.  and it was forecasted to be a very hot & muggy day, perfect to park myself in a cafe and work away.  Just like a native!

And the adventure began, first I got up early and went to Starbucks.  Now here there is a Starbucks conveniently located on just about every block...so the first one I went to at Grand Central Station, had no chairs.  I kind of needed a chair to work on the computer.  Around to the next one, which was on the other side of Grand Central Station, no seating area either...sensing a trend here.  Okay, I circled around and went to the Starbucks on Madison, YEAH they have chairs.  Order my coffee, picked up a Greek honey yogurt and granola, snag the only table near a plug and I'm doing pretty.

About an hour and half later, I start to need the bathroom, especially since I had spent about an hour looking for a spot before I even sat down.  Now, I'm sure there is some type of protocol for leaving your computer on the table to go the bathroom, but in my mind all I can think of is OMG if it isn't there when I come back... not a happy thought.  So, I look around, there is a guy sitting at the bar working on his computer and he looks pretty settled so (since now I really have to go having drunk up the coffee and all) I decide I'm going to ask him to watch my stuff.  Then I realize I hadn't seen the bathroom when I walked in so I'll ask the barista first where the bathroom is, THERE IS NONE!

Okay, now I am past the okay point so I pack up and start back to the hotel (only 3 blocks away).  I get upstairs, just in the nick of time, and now I have to add a new item to my check list - wifi, plug, and bathroom.

Since the Internet is $15 at the hotel, I head out to find another cafe to work at and Cosi's comes to the rescue, located right across the street from the hotel.  The have nice air conditioning, offer a great menu, lots of tables, plugs (right below the AC so I'm now freezing LOL), and they have not 1 but 2 very clean nice bathrooms!  I'm ready for the day.

I hang out here till almost 4, work on the blogs, website, FB, pictures, talk to the kids, get a cramp between my shoulder blades, enjoy a wonderful spring green salad, flat bread, and diet coke.  I even get to over hear this very morose man explain to his girlfriend how it is not his fault he has a bad attitude, it is everyone elses'.  After nearly laughing out loud at his explanation , I decide it's time to stretch and head back to the hotel.

Great timing, everyone wants to get together at 5 at a local bar for happy hour and dinner (Vander's).  So I had a very nice day just hanging out and sharing all the news with you.

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