Favorite Things Part 1

8:00 AM

There are so many things that I love - things that make me smile, things that I love to touch, look at, and share, that I thought I would share a few:

I love mirrors!  Round, square, small, big, metal, wood, resin - I love them all!  I especially like layering them and creating a collage.
I love old bottles!  I had a collection of them so I painted them with chalkboard paint, added a few vintage buttons and keys and created these wonderful bottles that look great on your vanity or tucked into a bookcase.  Tuck a message inside and you've created a unique wedding favor.
I love vintage cameras!  First off I love the color - black and silver, and then when you place them around people love to touch them.  Since they don't usually work, there is no danger when kids want to touch them and they are great conversation pieces - can you believe we used to take pictures with these!

I think that's all for now from me, what are a few of your favorite things?  What things do you put on your shelves that get people talking? touching? and reminiscing

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