Loomis Basin Home Tour - Guest House Before 1

8:00 AM

Here are the pictures of the rest of the house we are doing a quick furniture add and holiday decor on for the Loomis Basin Home Tour.

This is the back wall of the galley kitchen, love this piece found at a garage sale. 

A better view of the galley kitchen, sorry it's so dark.
Kitchen wall, nice deep sink
Full size referidgerator, but the cabinet is moveable, so I'm going to move it!

Nice square kitchen table, great light with the 3 windows.
Outside a nice roomy protected porch. 

To see the after, you can enjoy the Loomis Basin Home Tour is on Saturday, details are at http://www.lbef.net/. You can purchase tickets for the tour or for the wonderful buffet lunch available. Or, if you can't make it to the tour, I'll attach pictures of the 'after' on Sunday.

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