Loomis Basin Home Tour - After Pt 1

12:10 PM

As promised here are the 'after' pictures of the Guest House for the Loomis Basin Holiday Home Tour. 

I loved the armoire in the corner, it really anchored the room, and the ASCP Old Violet really shined against the blue of the walls.  I added a vintage sewing table and bench, painted ASCP Provence, as a small desk.

We moved the robins egg dresser into the closet, and the home-owner is an amazing quilter so she sewed up a new curtain set to cover the curtain rod.  Added a pretty vintage style garland and this corner is done.
Created a seating nook with a Queen Anne style chair, added a french grain sack covered footstool (with ASCP Provence legs), topped with a tray for the show.

Anchored the bed with vintage shutters, original white, and an antique mirror.  We added 4 mirrors into the house to really open everything up.  Another idea would be add hooks to the shutters and hang vintage hats, purses, or jewelry - that would really bling it up!

We moved the family's wicker dresser into the night-stand spot so it gets more attention and provides lots more storage.  Framed this vintage print that just fits all the colors of the room so perfectly!

Here's a closer picture of the footstool I made specifically for the room, using a vintage french grain sack, painted the legs with ASCP Provence, pure white, and then waxed it up!
The room looks great in shades of blue, a nice relaxing style, perfect for a guest house!  The home-owner's quilts really set off all of the vintage pieces I placed around.

Hope you like the finished room too!

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