Loomis Basin Home Tour - After Pt 2

12:11 PM

Here is the rest of the guest house.  We had this nice open wall above the sink, so we hung 3 vintage washstands, and for the season, we topped it with the vintage style button garland.

The home-owner purchased this beautiful ASCP Arles hall tree, and it fit perfectly in this spot!  With the reflective mirror insert it keeps lots of light in the room.
This cabinet was against the other wall, we moved it against this wall and placed this mirror on top.  Normally, I would have hung it but time was an issue so leaning it on top of the cabinet worked perfect for now.
I custom painted these 2 kitchen chairs with ASCP Arles, Duck Egg, and Old Violet using a 'cloud' technique that made them fit perfectly in the house, pulling all the colors of the house together.
We also painted the top of this linoleum counter top with ASCP Duck Egg, it matched the wall color nicely, and really lifted the look of this serving counter.  Topped it off with some pretty vintage silver and we have a nice focal point.
Sorry for this terrible picture of the bathroom.  The home-owner had some pretty garland in the color scheme & so I just added some interest to the window sill with some silver cups filled with tissue and topped with silver glitter doves.
Hung this cute folk-painted snowman on the outside door, pulls in the red nicely.
Brought out this vintage sleigh, topped with 2 trees, mercury glass candle holders, and a poinsettia - all shown off so nicely by the home-owner's quilt.
Added another folk piece - this great salvaged wood & tin birdhouse.
Topped a low dresser with this great iron basket filled with pine cones.
This was a fun job, quickly executed, but I think it turned out nice and casual - very much like how the main house is decorated. Everything looked so great against the home-owner's beautiful quilts, it really made my job easier because she had so many wonderful colorful pieces to accessorize the guest house.  It was also so nice to see how some of the pieces I've painted over the years look in their 'new' home!

Thanks for going on the tour.

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