Gift of the Basket

12:54 PM

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Recently one of my Not Too Shabby Treasure Hunters asked me to put together a donation for her to donate to a local Folsom school auction.

So today the Gift of the Basket was created.

My Treasure Hunter took some of our AMAZING French soaps. They retail for $7.50 and make a wonderful gift by themselves. It’s amazing how long one bar of good quality hand soap will last. And they make a gift basket smell fabulous!!!

Then we added the sparkle of silver Mercury glass to add a luxury look – a wonderful pair of candle holders and a versatile stand. The stand makes both a lovely centerpiece OR cake stand.

Together we decided shells would be a great idea for an auction item, appealing to a few styles and tastes. Some large shells and starfish later and it looks amazing!!!

You can bid on the basket at:

Empire Oaks 3rd Annual Crab & Pasta Feed

Friday, April 8th

Folsom Community Center

52 Natoma Street, Folsom

5:30 – 11:00pm

Or stop in the shop and I can make one up for you to purchase. Bring in a basket and we can customize it to fit your special recipient together. The Gift of a Basket is always FUN to put together!

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