Custom Work - Red Cabinet

8:00 AM

I just finished up the most beautiful piece!  First off - I love RED!  and, I love windows!  A customer had bought this cabinet from another wonderful store in Sutter Creek and she wanted it red.  She had painted it herself but didn't like how the paint had dried and it hadn't sealed to the wood very well so it was peeling off in places.  So, I took on the project.  After stripping, primering, painting, curing, and I started the shabby process. 
I spent about 8 hours, over the course of 3 days, strategically sanding the piece down, applying a satin finish, then sanding between layers. I learned a new technique for my 'tween layer sanding that made a huge difference.  The cabinet has turned out so beautifully, with an amazing smooth finish, every time I walk past it in the garage I rub my hand across the top.

I can't wait for the customer to see it!  She plans on using it for a dresser - it is going to look great filled with sweaters and baskets.

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