Year End

5:51 PM

I love the beginning of the year, when everything seems fresh and full of possibilities!  This year is especially poignant because the end of 2010 was a challenge from both personal and business perspective. 

First, Not Too Shabby, my amazingly cute store located in Historic Folsom, has had a HUGE construction project.  This project has ripped up the main street, side streets, sidewalks, trees, and building overhangs.  An unfortunate side effect of this huge project has been the closing of multiple businesses and restaurants due to the decrease in business.  So, it has been a challenge keeping the store fresh and exciting when there are huge trucks outside ripping up the street.  When the construction project is done, the whole district will be amazingly beautiful and much more accessible for all with the ADA ramps and wider sidewalks.

From a family perspective, my sister-in-law was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.  An eggplant sized tumor was wrapped around her right kidney.  She has 2 kids (14 & 21) and as our family is small, all of us must help.  Well, it seemed no matter how aggressive the chemo was, the cancer was more so and spread throughout her body.  Right when I am the busiest at the store with the holiday season, she is doing the worst and needs family. 

So, Christmas day I packed my kids off to their Dad's, caught a flight to Buffalo NY and I am here to help her through the last of the dialysis & chemo treatments.  The Wednesday after I got here, her primary cancer doctor took her off dialysis and chemo and we are now at her home working with Hospice, wrapping up her life.  We are having fun reminiscing and visiting with friends who stop by (often), and not so much fun planning what to do with her house, car, and kids.

So, while I know that being in Buffalo right now is the right thing, and I can't imagine Terri not here, I am looking forward to a new year, fresh start, and all that excitement.  For the first time my New Year's resolution aren't the usual ones I tend to break.  Instead Terri, Pam, and I have been talking about doing more things that make us happy, being more creative, spending more time with people who make us laugh, and appreciating those around us more. 
I wish for all of you a year filled with wonderful blessings, great ideas, and laughter.  Lots and lots of laughter!

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