4 days, 6 people, 31 doors & so much more. Part 1

10:06 AM

So excited to share this great project!  It's photo heavy so I broke it into 2 posts.

We inherited a rental that hadn't had anything done to any of the cabinets throughout the house in......well forever.  So we grabbed our Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan color pallet and worked through the samples to get the perfect color.  

The constraints were the very pinky mauve tile countertops that we just can't afford to replace & dated florescent lighting.  However, we were going to take out the carpet and flooring and selected the new new carpet & 'hardwood' tiles first.

We started with Old White - too yellow
Paris Grey - made the countertops look very pink
French Linen - too green
Cream, Duck Egg, Versailles, Aubusson Blue, and Graphite....all didn't look perfect.  

Then we tried Coco and it was perfect!  It cleaned up the cabinets, and actually made the pink tile countertops look less 'pink!'

After picking the color, we got started cleaning.  These cabinets are about 40 years old & the finish was gummy in some spots, and flaking in others.  Pam cleaned first round with a vinegar & water mix, followed by a Dawn soap & water mix.  

There were also some minor repairs needed on a few drawers and a couple of doors.  Some wood glue, clamps & 24 hours later some light sanding took care of the issues.

Then we got started painting. Both bathroom vanities were painted with 2 -1/2 coats of Chalk Paint® Old White.  It covered beautifully!

Here's the hallway cabinets & a built in bookshelf. 

And after painting 2 coats of Chalk Paint® Coco, 2 applications of Clear Wax, they are stunning!

More to come.  

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