4 days, 6 People, 31 Doors, and so much more. Part 2, All Done!

11:40 AM

Here's the second part to yesterdays painted cabinet post.

Quick Recap - The cabinets are about 40 years old and solid wood.  The finish however had worn off in some spots, become gummy, and cracked.  Making them perfect candidates to Chalk Paint® with Annie's amazing paint.  We first cleaned all of the cabinets with a vinegar & water mix, followed by Dawn dish soap & water, then a rinse.

After playing with color we selected Coco to compliment the pink tile countertops.

Here's some before pictures.  Over the stove,

By the sink,

The peninsula in the dining room

And the built in hutch,

Just nice normal solid wood cabinets, whose only fault lies in that they're showing age.  

What a difference after painting!

And the built-in is beautiful now

And here's all of our supply list.  
We ended up using a quart of graphite to base coat the hallway & bathroom cabinets.  1-1/4 at of Old White to paint both bathroom vanities, 4-1/2 quarts of Coco to cover all of the cabinets, and built-in hutch, 1-1/8 tub of clear wax, 8 fine grit sanding blocks, 20 rags, 2 rolls of paper towels,  2 pieces of 0000 steel wool, and a touch of shellac on the built-in hutch (next weeks post).

We also did this whole project during the wet & rainy time between Christmas & New Years.

Huge thanks to our great team of painters, cleaners, haulers, and finishers - Cass, Tori, April, Kim, Pam, and me.

Ready to paint your cabinets?


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