Christmas Trees at Re-Find Living

10:11 PM

Here's more pictures of our Christmas trees, this is a skinny 12-foot.

We discovered the ceiling is 12-foot, at the back of the store, 
And only 11-3/4 feet at the front.
Wasn't so funny.
But it all turned out.

It's decorated with ornaments in traditional colors.

This is a 6 foot tree, we placed on a table.
It's filled with felt and soft ornaments.
Super cute Swedish reindeer,
Soft snowmen,
And fluffy birds.

This is a nice fat 9-foot tree we placed on a very solid coffee table.
It's a lovely tree, decorated with a woodland theme.  
We've filled it with jeweled owls, burlap flowers, glass pine cones, and so many other beautiful pieces.
It really turned out beautifully.

These are pictures of the trees about a week after they were first decorated.  
Now, a month later they are looking pretty empty.
Better head in quickly.

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