Christmas Tree Details

10:43 PM

Here's some of my favorite ornaments from our Gold Tree.

We got a nice selection of old fashioned style gold animals, on wheels!  Here's the sheep.

I always like to have some larger pieces, either tucked in the tree or hanging on the edge.  I love these plastic Merry Christmas banners.  We had them in red or white.  They were so pretty and reasonably priced, they sold out in the first week.

These gold wire ornaments have a lot of bling, little weight, and can be tucked into the tree for depth or hung on the tips for bling.  

These gold ice skates came in 2 sizes, and look great on your tree, in the center of a wreath, added to garland, tucked onto a tablescape.  They really have no weight, so they can easily be added to almost anything.  

These are one of my favorite ornaments.  They are glass, with lots of design, great color combination, with glitter, shine, and rich color.  They are actually accented with black, not a traditional Christmas color, but with the other gold & glitter, these ornaments could fit into almost any other Christmas color scheme.

Hope to see you soon.

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