Christmas Trees at Not Too Shabby

8:28 AM

We set up 4 large trees at our Not Too Shabby location.

This year I decided to try putting three trees at the front of the store.
An enchanted statement at the front.

And the pink & blue tree ended up back a little, by the register.

It's a lot easier to decorate the trees now that they're all the 9 feet skinny, center-pole light style trees.

That layout lasted a couple of weeks, but I just couldn't get used to the flow of the store with the three trees up front.

So, all of them got separated into their own spots.

The blue & silver (Ocean) tree ended up in the front corner

The gold tree was moved to the other front window, where it showed off our bed display beautifully.

It's funny to look back at these pictures & see how much they have changed.  

I'll post details next. 


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