The Flood, Day 6

6:55 PM

Serve-Pro has finished cutting out the drywall, and tapped up our remaining inventory.

Walking along our walks feels like being in a plastic cocoon.

The question pending today is whether we move temporarily into another location, just so we can stay open, or if we move everything into storage while the real rebuilding happens.

This isn't an issue easy to resolve.  
Moving either way is a tremendous amount of work.  
Setting up a 'temporary' store is just like opening a new store....which we'll have to do in 4-6 weeks (yep!  4-6 weeks) when construction is done......

I don't want to lose any of our wonderful Auburn customers by closing, but honestly this past week has almost broken me.....

I'd love to hear from you guys about what you would do.....  Seriously, open a temporary store vs. focus on painting all new stuff for when the building is done?

What would you do?


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  1. Concentrate on painting new pieces for when you re open. People love your store... they will wait and come back when you re open. Post teaser pics of the wonderful pieces that will be available for sale when you are back. 4-6 weeks sounds like forever to you.... but time will fly by! (and I will see you at class in Folsom on Monday!)