The Flood, Day 18

7:11 PM

Hard to believe but it's been 18 days since our Auburn store flooded.

We've been crazy busy cleaning up the flood, boxing up our littles, working with the insurance companies, and now we've entered the re-building stage.

Since everything.....yes, EVERYTHING has to be removed from our Auburn location for the building work to be completed we found a space to rent.  

We start moving everything Wednesday, with the bigger items being moved Thursday.

I'm hoping we'll open at our new location - 1447 Lincoln Way, in the Geri Bray Building by Friday.  We'll be setting up shop right below Poppy's.

We've got 2 front doors, each on a different level.  We've decided to use the doors facing the Courthouse Coffee Building as our main entrance.  It's perfect to park in the upper level parking lot and walk down.  

I even think we'll do our workshops by the creek.  Pretty inspiring.

I'm actually pretty excited, already trying to figure out how we're going to place our furniture in the new space.  I know..... It's kind of a disease.  I just LOVE painting furniture and I also love setting up our displays.

This will be where we put all of our fantastic Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan cans.

The new space is really 7 rooms, on 3 levels.  

I know, totally intriguing.  I'm so used to one big open space.....I'm starting to get excited.

Stay tuned to FB for our actual open date.

Thanks for all of your support.


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