SYWTOAS - Inventory, Buying for the store

8:00 AM

The stores are both filled with so many fun and wonderful items, I almost don't know where to start.

How about at the beginning?   

In January I go to the Home & Gift Show in Las Vegas.  It's intense shopping and planning for the entire year.  YES! The entire year!

I buy everything I think you'll love because the manufacturers produce quantities based on what buyers purchase at market.  It's crazy, intense, mind-melting fun.  With lots of pressure!  What if I pick wrong?  A few bad picks can push small stores like mine, over the brink.  Whew!

Then the boxes start arriving in March & continue till November.  It's crazy what you forget only until it's opened and ......surprises for all.  It's really like Christmas for months.

With opening boxes, I start putting together display ideas, creating pieces and painting furniture to go with the new accessories.  

There is no formula for picking pieces.  There is no BOOK.  It's you and your gut, and your sales representative.

If you're lucky you have an honest salesperson who keeps you on track based on your historical orders, what's working regionally, and quality.

If you're really lucky they'll also protect your territory.  

This means they don't sell the same merchandise to other stores near you.  I know this sounds like a no-brainer.  But it's not.  I've had to stop buying from some companies because stores next door, or across the street are buying the exact same merchandise.  It's not fun for anyone when you go into two or three stores and they all have the same soap, towel, or ...... candle.

This is actually the hardest part of Buyîng for the stores, keeping them filled with unique accessories.  If a store owner/buyer doesn't go to any shows, only buys from a catalog, or doesn't buy from the regional sales representative, there's no way to be aware of 'duplicating' product.  

That's when you have to rely on your unique displays, customer loyalty, and blessings.

I love that our stores are filled with unique vintage and antique pieces and we all work hard to accessories with unique smalls.  I think this attention to detail is what makes you come back again and again.


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