Scheduling - Mistake?!?! Or A Day At Home

4:14 PM

We have great staff at both stores - Not Too Shabby & Re-Find Living!

They really are the BEST!  
Normally I jump between both stores, working on displays, teaching workshops, and of course helping our amazing customers.  Typically we're working a little bit at each store, every day.

Add in that we've hit the Holidat Season and that adds a few hours to every day.  I'm feeling like a walking zombie.

Well, today is Halloween & we normally work at NTS on Fridays, but we were scheduled to work at RFL this afternoon to help with the trick-or-treaters.  

But......the RFL schedule was without us, so..... We stayed HOME!

Our day started with breakfast at Pegs (love them!). 

We unpacked the last of the Holiday boxes (we've been unpacking Holidays since AUGUST!)

I made crock pot Totilla Soup.

Started crock pot Apple Butter.

Watched Ellen's Halloween craziness.

And now I'm finalizing our Christmas decorations, because we roll out Christmas next week at Not Too Shabby.

Happy Halloween!


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