Henredon Dining set - Chalk Paint® on Upholstery

8:00 AM

Before painting the chairs, I examined the upholstry and decided that despite staining, it was in great shape.   Making it perfect for painting with our amazing Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.

After cleaning the upholstery with soapy water, I masked off the chair back, to protect the freshly painted wood.

I then sprayed each cushion with plain water.  Enough to wet, but not soak the upholstery.  Using a wet Annie Sloan paint brush, I brushed on a thin coat of Chalk Paint® Coco.  The goal being to keep the fabric as close to the original texture by 'dying' the fabric, not really 'painting' the fabric.

It took 7 very thin watery coats to achieve the depth of color I wanted.  I dampened the upholstery with the sprayer before painting each coat.

After letting the fabric dry for a couple of days, I clear waxed the upholstery.

The chairs turned out great.  The upholstery has a nice smooth finish that will be easy to maintain and clean for several years.  This was a less costly solution than re-upholstering the seats bottom and back.

Note - These chairs were perfect for this project because the upholstery was in such good shape with no rips, tears, or worn marks.  Also, because of the upholstered back, which would be pretty costly to re-upholster, I chose to 'dye' the fabric with Chalk Paint®.  

Remember water is your friend.


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