The White Sofa

12:05 PM

What's a girl to do with 3 vintage sofas?

Yes 3.

No.  I'm not a sofa hoarder!  We were planning a backyard wedding last year and I wanted to 'dot' our backyard with vintage seating.  

So, one thing led to another and in 2 short weeks I had 3 vintage sofas.

One was especially bad.  

It looked great on Craig's list, and in person, till we went to load it and discovered the ENTIRE center was missing.  The seller had put a pile of books on the floor under, and then the middle cushion over (another story).

Perfect for a backyard wedding. NOT!  So Ashley stepped in and completely re-built the sofa.

She had to rip everything out, and start from scratch. Because it had to be completely re-done, we could actually do anything we wanted.  

We narrowed our search, and getting inspiration from Jennifer Aniston, went with a rich pallet - a gilded frame and creamy white upholstery.

Oh, and the wedding. 

It was a huge success.  With lots of dancing, singing, and friends.  And all the sofas were perfect!

Now she's at Re-Find Living in Auburn.  Waiting for you.


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