New Store - Setting Up for the First Time

10:04 PM

After painting the floor, we worked our task list.

We had 2 weeks to opening & needed every minute.

David, our manager, had to learn all about our amazing Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.  

So, I had him painting & waxing everything.  Trying out the different techniques

And we had a focal wall to paint & stencil.

Pretty soon wonderful decor & gift items from the Vegas home show started to arrive.

A key element of a great store is lighting.  And so we mixed it up with oversized lamp shades, chandeliers & 1/2 globe lights (Southern Hemisphere anyone?).

We painted a record 40 pieces of furniture in 2-weeks for the new store. Not counting our normal painting for Not Too Shabby.

Had a pre-opening event, a week after signing our lease.  So we just cleaned up the demolition and gave out Snooks Chocolates.

Sorted out all our treasures.  

Some cultivated from Not Too Shabby.  

Most bought specifically for this location.

It was interesting to see which colors 'PoP-ed' against our painted floor.

All of this chaos came together.

And we had a Party!

Did you make it?

Then you know how amazing everything turned out!

Hope you stop by soon because I'm always moving everything around, creating chaos & then beauty.


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