She's All Grown Up & l'm Losing It!

7:02 PM

Caution:  this post is highly emotional so proceed with caution & tissues!

You've been warned.

I read a quote shortly after having my first child, Samantha, that 'having a child is like having a piece of your heart outside your body walking around'.

It's true.

I'm always aware of what they're doing, where they're at, keeping track of my hearts.  

And now, one of my hearts is moving onto the next stage of her life.

I totally get that I've had Samantha at home 3-years longer than most parents because she went to Sierra College instead of immediately going away to college after High School graduation.


It seems so unfair that the reward for raising kids, loving them, and genuinely LIKING my that they leave.

Apparently their amazing lives start AFTER they leave home?!?!

I am also very grateful to Samantha for breaking me in gently to this moving away stuff and after setting up her apartment, she rode back home with us.  

Completely avoiding the drive off with her staying behind...and me completely losing it, 

The rest of the family is grateful too. 

t has taken me three weeks to write this post.....because I kept crying....couldn't see the keys 😭.  I know I sound pathetic. 


It's not like I've been crying for the whole 2 weeks. 

Just when I start to work on this post.

She's really happy, that's what matters.

At least that's what I tell myself.


Even Doug is sad.

I need some wine.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. She's a beautiful young lady, with a beautiful, loving mother. Love and hugs.