May 15

11:39 AM

Hi, well it has been a crazy wonderful amazing awe filled month! First off I have made changes to the blog, and I have lots more to make but I hope you enjoy them and join me for the ride!

Next, the store was looking fantastic this morning, I spent last night moving things all over, creating new displays, just really mixing it up. Hope you caught the 'was looking' because Wham! This morning was crazy busy again and we sold 3 pieces of furniture (to 3 different people) and now it's time to re-do everything again. So, if you come in today, please forgive the mess, or better yet pitch in and help me re-do.

This was after getting up early and heading out to the Flea Affair this morning to buy some fantastic garden stuff, a really rusty bike with a flower basket (that's what sold me), red trunk, red ladder, red suitcase, garden basket, and a great wooden glider (that I think will stay at the house for a little while). I definitely had a red thing going today!

Brought in some ice tea and brownie bites to share on this great day - guess I need to say bye so I can focus on fixing up the store - share with you later!


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