New Display

2:30 PM

Sold a great dresser so I needed to move stuff around and create some new displays.  When it comes to displays sometimes I'll plan on a certain look for the store (like the upcoming Rodeo Days) and I'll shop or create items for that 'theme' or, more often, I'll come across something unique or amazing and it starts the creative process.  With a store, I'm constantly moving things around and creating new displays - hopefully because things have sold, but sometimes just because there is always a 'new' look.

Today, I decided to put the focus on this great ladies desk.  It has been painted white, features wonderful cabriolet legs, minimal storage, wide work space, and is a piece that brings character to a room.  I also have these great old doors with chippy paint and an aged patina that will make a great background. 

As I moved the doors into place with the desk, I loved how gold looked against it so I hung the mirrors and then added the candle sconces.  Then it was adding nick-nacks that fit in the color scheme and making the top of the desk look interesting and touchable.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but the proof will be the customers who come in and pause to check out the items.

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  1. I found your blog from Cerria's page! I love the style that both of you have.. I am a happy follower and I enjoy seeing the new things you are working on!!! I hope you have a wonderful week and keep up the great work!!!

  2. Hi there! I just love that gold and white vignette! The old, chippy doors really pull it all together.

    I linked over from Cierra's blog and glad I did.I look forward to following you. Have a great day!